Health Company is pleased to announce the contest challenge. What is your dream / goal?.Make your decision and we will support and encourage you to achieve your goal. To find out more details please contact 24610466.

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Health CompanyTM

Health Company operates in the wellness industry in Kuwait and is engaged in the business of catering and preparing healthy food. We targets a nice market of health and weight conscious consumers, offering a daily diet of healthy food.

It is now recognized that overweight and obesity has emerged as a growing problem in the GCC Countries. Five of the six GCC countries figure among the top 40 countries on the list of the "World's fattest countries" with Kuwait ranked at number 2. Kuwait has the highest incidence of overweight / obese population among the GCC countries with over 74% of population above the age of 15 classified as such.

Why Health Company

Success in the food and beverage industry is primarily driven by the quality and choice..... More

Our Strength

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Reach and Availability

In order to spread health awareness all over Kuwait, health company has established ..... More